Taipei Expo Park (花博公園)

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The Taipei Expo Park led me to fall in love with Taipei. It is an extraordinary park, and on a sunny day it becomes majestical and full of life. At the entrance, there's a Farmer's Market full of fresh fruits, vegetables, oils, etc. After a walk through the grocery-shopping crowds, there is a wall of booths almost carnival-like in aesthetic. During lunchtime you can get Korean bibimbap, BBQ, Ramen, Ice Cream and other delicious treats. Across from these booths are a plethora of shops, cafes and even a deli! There's a carousel, and even a princess tea shop with rentable costumes for kids. The younger crowd hangs out in the middle of an arena located at the right-side of the park, some groups hold dance practices there. On the other end of the park, a few people blow large bubbles for kids and offer other bubble toys for sale. There's a huge red bridge which extends to another smaller park and a museum featuring galleries about Taiwan's aboriginal cultures. It's truly a site full of energy and aside from Elephant Mountain it's a place everyone visiting Taipei should have on their list. 


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Location Information:

Area/City Name: Taipei
District/State: Zhongshan
Country: China

Closest Station: MRT Yuanshan Station


It's right across the street from the Yuanshan station on Taipei's Red Line.


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