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Manek Chowk

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There is nothing like good Indian food in the middle of absolute chaos. If you are visiting Manek Chowk for the first time, I guarantee you your senses will be blown away. Food is served from 'lahris' or stalls and all types of Indian food is available in such a small area. The number of people there every night for food is extraordinary and not once will it be quiet. This place is absolutely bustling with both people and cars and it may be hard for you to fully appreciate the system at first. There is method to the madness and the best part of the place is that the food arrives quickly and is extremely tasty. Try the chocolate and pineapple sandwich if you can or the 'kulfi' which is like ice cream. Once you go to Manek Chowk, you keep coming back. That is my promise.


Price: Inexpensive
Hours of Operation:

8 pm - 12 am

Listing Type: Food & Drinks - Indian

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Address: Manek Chowk Rd
Area/City Name: Ahmedabad
District/State: Gujarat
Postal Code: 380001
Country: India

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