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"I completed an internship in online translation with Yoninja during my summer break. During these three months, I did website and travel listing translation and editing, as well as English travel writing. It felt wonderful to be able to do what you love for a whole summer, and I felt as if I have traveled the world by translating all those listings. This internship is a great opportunity for those who wish to gain experience in online translation and travel writing, and the greatest thing is you have a mentor to guide you and give you feedback during the whole process!" - Yu Hsuan (Joy) Lee


"I was an intern in the Translation team of Yoninja during my last two semesters of college and I couldn't be more grateful for having been given this precious opportunity to play a role in developing and transforming the Yoninja website into a more user-friendly and accessible platform for travelers all around the world. I was mainly responsible for translating user pages, various website interfaces and listings of the site from English to Chinese (both Traditional and Simplified). What makes this internship truly rewarding is that you actually get to lay your hands on tasks that contribute directly to the growth and maintenance of the website. For example, our translated work, after being submitted, will be uploaded onto the website homepage or subpages for public viewing. In other words, one will be able to see his/her work being "published" onto the website on a regular basis and to witness the entire "transformation" of the website into another language. Another thing that I appreciate the most during the internship is having a mentor who would help keep track of my work, give advice and keep me updated of new features and development of the Yoninja website. After participating in the internship program, I was surprised to find out that in addition to my improvement in language and translation skills, I also learned a lot about the Japanese food culture when browsing the websites of the Japanese restaurants posted by other Yoninja users. All in all, this internship is definitely a great opportunity to get hands-on experiences in internet/website translation and I highly recommend it to people who love writing and traveling like myself!" - Corinne Ng

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