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Do Re Mi Karaoke Activities United States

Do Re Mi is a clean, classic Korean norebang-style karaoke bar in Duluth. It is in the Hmart shopping center, on the second story. The rooms are large and there is a wide variety of songs to...

Amour Activities Japan

A Karaoke bar with class near the Le Baron night club.The private rooms are decked out with gold cushions, sparkling mirrors, and dim lighting. Be sure to enjoy a night out singing the night away...

Karaoke Box Mayfair Activities United Kingdom

A cool private Karaoke box place in central London!

joyjoy Karaoke Activities Japan

The most beautiful designed place to do karaoke in Japan. There are over 1000 songs you can sing in English, Japanese or even German.


Ring Activities Japan

Right next to Hirakata Station! Uses the Joysound karaoke sets. Decent selection, good price for multiple trips. First-timers must create a free membership card (easy) and pay 200 yen more for...

Karaoke JOYJOY Activities Japan

Karoke JOYJOY is a national karaoke chain, and while there are several in Nagoya, this is one of the best. The JOYJOY in Aratamabashi offers an easy-to-navigate system, swanky decor, and private...

Smash Hits TOKYO Activities Japan

World's largest English Karaoke Stage BAR

Karaoke Kan Hiroshima Eki-Mae Activities Japan

Karaoke Kan offers a variety of unique features that can add extra fun to your karaoke outing. Its room illumination feature, for example, covers all the walls with stunning imagery to create a...

Bloomsbury Bowling and Karaoke Activities United Kingdom

Bowling and Karaoke rooms. What more could you ask for?


karaoke place serves hamburgers, cocktail, beer and cake !!!!

The right place to go after hard working day or weekend.

Do you want to party like a rockstar ? Here is the right place...

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