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Mt. Fuji Activities Japan

Climbing Mt. Fuji to see day break over Japan is a must do for those visiting Japan during the late summer months. A person that is relatively in good shape should not have a problem climbing this...

Koyasan Activities Japan
Tomita Farm Activities Japan

If you have never seen flower sea, you should definitely go Tomita Farm and have a look of it. They have three different flower sea. The biggest one is inside the Farm. There is a building where...

Koiwai Farm Activities Japan

Nestled at the foot of Mt. Iwate, Koiwai Farm is a veritable playground for nature lovers and gourmets alike. The farm is open to the public almost all year, offering special events and activities...

Kakunodate Activities Japan

Step off the train and enter the "little Kyoto of the North". It's no surprise why people call it as such! Kakunodate has all the charm of Kyoto, but in a more compact less tourist-ridden package...

Matsushima Activities Japan

There are three famous "scenic spots" in Japan. Matsushima is one of them. While there certainly are plenty of other areas in Japan which are just as gorgeous, Matsushima sure can hold its own....

Jigoku Meguri (The Hell Tour) Activities Japan

A tour of the 8 levels of hell hot springs. All of them are different colors and have a different natural beauty to them. 

**you are not able to get in the hot springs**

El Yunque Activities Puerto Rico

El Yunque is the National Rainforest of Puerto Rico, habitat to a diverse group of animals such as the famous coqui and the Puertorrican parrot. There is no admission fee to enter! El Yunque is...

Crooked Forest Activities Poland

Located only a few miles away from the city of Gryfino, Poland is the Crooked Forest, a forest of pine trees which grow at an odd and unique curve. While there is speculation as to why the trees...

Iguazu Falls National Park Activities Argentina

Iguazu Falls is a must for everyone. The magnificent falls are one mile long and in 2011 were named a New World Wonder of the World. 

The national park is breathtaking and is an all-...


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