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Howard Prairie Lake Activities United States

           The Howard Prairie Resort is 155 beautiful acres, including 1.63 miles of lake frontage and breathtaking views of Mt. McLoughlin.  The lake waters are teeming with both trout and bass...

Fish Lake Activities United States

            Welcome you to Fish Lake Resort.  Located at 4,600 feet elevation in the Southern Oregon Cascades.  A truly beautiful setting in pristine old growth forest at the foot of Mt....

Lake of the Woods Activities United States

       The perfect getaway! This high mountain historic lake resort sits beside one of the clearest natural lakes found in the Southern Oregon Cascades. One can enjoy cabin life, comfort food, the...

Lava Beds National Monument Visitor Center Activities United States

        The Lava Beds National Park is a great place to take a look inside of lava tubes. As well as some historical sites nearby accompanied with a bird watching park.

Rinshi No Mori Park Activities Japan

This is a beautiful park just a short walk from Musashi-Koyama station. It is expansive with a wide array of activities and a breathtaking pond and garden area in the middle always lively with...

Indian Park Activities India

Saras Baug is a major landmark in the city of Pune in India. The place where the park now stands was once occupied by a small lake. However, the lake dried up and was later developed into Saras...

Taipei Expo Park Activities China

The Taipei Expo Park led me to fall in love with Taipei. It is an extraordinary park, and on a sunny day it becomes majestical and full of life. At the entrance, there's a Farmer's Market full of...

Cape Christian Splash Pad Activities United States

This place has it all. Playgrounds, swings, and even a splash pad where the water shoots up out of the ground for kids of all ages to play during the hot Florida days.  Enjoy great food as well at...

Saratoga Lake Park Activities United States

This small park has enough playground equipment to keep your kids entertained as well as walking/running paths around the park.  Nestled next to the man made Lake Saratoga, it provides a wonderful...

Centennial Park Activities United States

Centennial Park in Fort Myers, FL offers a large area for your family to enjoy.  It provides playgrounds and large, grassy areas to play in as well.  Located right along the Caloosahatchee River,...


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