Santa Barbara

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State Street Santa Barbara Activities United States

Image a Place where is alway Sunny during the day, Romantic durning the night, Exotic architecture, line with Trees, tons of Shops, great Restaurants and Coffee shop with Street view.


Silver Greens Food & Drinks United States

" Eat Smart Live Well " is the main idea of this restaurant.

If you are a person who likes to eat healthy or if you are the person who wants to eat healthy, Silvergreens satisfies your need...

Butterfly Beach Activities United States

There is nothing fancy on this beach,

Butterfly Beach is more popular for local people, it is not like a trouist spot where is always crowd and noisy; this place is more like a serene spot...

The Harbor Restaurant Food & Drinks United States

The harbor itself is a famous sightseeing spot in Santa Barbara.

The view here is breathtaking, especially during the sunset time.

The Harbor restaurant is located at the harbor in...


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