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Daruma Nagoya Food & Drinks Japan

The food at Daruma is delicious, I really love this place. Starting with “Dote kushi”, or beef skewers, this place is famous for local Nagoya dishes such as things that have been spit-roasted and...

Like an Edision Activities Japan

Like an Edision is a chain of music stores in Japan that caters to the growing Visual Kei fan base.


Here you can find a wide selection of cds, dvds, magazines, and merchandise...

Nagoya Castle Activities Japan

There is much to see here at Nagoya Castle.  Here you can view historical art works and artifacts throughout the floors of the castle. A must see for any history buff. 


Sweets Paradise Food & Drinks Japan

Sweets Paradise is an all you can eat restaurant known for their cakes and other desserts.

For 80 minutes you can dine on wide assortment of sweets from Crème Brule to white peach mousse...

ElectricLadyLand Activities Japan

ElectricLadyLand (E.L.L.) is great place to see some of Japan's big name, and up and coming bands.

ElectricLadyLand is located on the first floor and can hold up to 500 people. This is...

Nago Nago Cat Cafe Food & Drinks Japan

Cat Cafes are popular throughout Japan. Not only can you enjoy a nice cup of coffee, but you can play with cats during your stay as well!

This particular cafe consists of 12 friendly cats...

Port of Nagoya Public Aquarium Activities Japan

Located in the Port of Nagoya, this aquarium is one of the city's most entertaining attractions. It contains a hugely diverse collection of marine life from around the world, and even some...

Neko Manma Cat Cafe Activities Japan

A cat cafe located in Gokiso, Nagoya, this is a great place for animal lovers to go and relax. This particular cafe boasts a large bunch of friendly, gorgeous cats. It costs 500 yen for 30 minutes...

Osu Kannon Shopping District Activities Japan

Osu Kannon is one of the largest and most entertaining shopping districts in Nagoya. Characterized by long, covered streets, it gives off the feeling of being in an indoor mall of sorts. Known for...

Sweets Paradise Nagoya Food & Drinks Japan

Sweets Paradise is an all-you-can-eat cake and sweets shop located in Nagoya. Around 1500 yen per person buys you 80 minutes of unfettered access to a dessert extravaganza. There are savoury...


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