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Takeuchi Seimensho Food & Drinks Japan

Takeuchi is a soba shop that also serves tempura, rice balls, and many other Japanese dishes. You can also buy packets of noodles to bring home and cook later.

Volks Food & Drinks Japan

Volks is an affordable steak restaurant that also has all-you-can-eat bread, salad, and soup bars. It has locations all throughout Japan, but not all of them have all-you-can-eat bars.

Gifu Miyako Hotel Hotels & Lodging Japan

A short bus ride from Gifu Station, the Gifu Miyako Hotel offers the ultimate in luxury in the Gifu area. Rooms, in various styles and grades, offer various amenities and services such as...

Hotel Nikko Niigata Hotels & Lodging Japan

A short shuttle ride away from Niigata Station, the Hotel Nikko Niigata offers luxurious accomodation in one of Japan's most beautiful port cities at a location convenient for everyone. Rooms...

Hoteiya Food & Drinks Japan

Near Chiba and Chuuou-Chiba stations, Hoteiya promises authentically-prepared Western cuisine of all types (though a French focus is definitely present). The food is uniformly delicious, and...

Man Ka Tei Food & Drinks Japan

This is a very quaint restaurant.  All the tables are very elegantly dressed and each plate looks like a special Japanese art piece.  You will enjoy these small portioned meals of...

Imagine Hotel and Resort Hakodate Hotels & Lodging Japan

Overlooking the wild and beautiful Tsuruga strait between Hokkaido and Honshuu, the Imagine Hotel and Resort Hakodate is the perfect place to enjoy beautiful scenery and natural hot springs in...

Takubokutei Hotels & Lodging Japan

Three minutes from the Yu-no-Kawa Onsen bus stop, Takubokutei offers a traditional and refined hot-spring experience in the beautiful city of Hakodate, a true hidden gem. Rooms are spacious and...

Yu-no-Kawa Prince Hotel Hotels & Lodging Japan

Situated right on the coast, seven minutes from the Yu-no-Kawa Onsen tram stop, the Yu-no-Kawa Prince Hotel offers a truly luxurious way to experience what Hakodate has to offer. Rooms are offered...

Juuhachirou Hotels & Lodging Japan

With over 150 years of history, Juuhachirou offers a look back through time to give you the most authentic ryokan experience possible. Overlooking the river, rooms offer Japanese stylistic...

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