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Asakusa Activities Japan

Wonderful place to visit while in Tokyo! This Buddhist shrine is located in a very lively neighborhood. The surrounding community is a well-known and popular tourists' shopping district with...

Tokyo National Museum Activities Japan

Great museum to visit while at Ueno Park! It's very quiet and dark, a very relaxing atmosphere. A wide variety of display to look at from Samurai armor, traditional Japanese art work, and...

Ameyokocho Activities Japan

Great place to walk around! Ameyokocho is a very old market that used to be a black market after the war. Since then, many vendors have moved there. You will encounter a wide variety of shops and...

Satin Doll Daily Life Japan

Satin Doll is another great watch shop in Tokyo specializing in new, used, and open box luxury watches. They have a HUGE selection of Rolex watches but also have a shop directly in front of their...

Tamakatsu Food & Drinks Japan

Tamakatsu serves chanko nabe, a dish eaten by sumo wrestlers. There is only one course menu, the chanko nabe course, for 6,500 yen. It is impossible to get a table without making a reservation.

Masaru Food & Drinks Japan

Masaru is known for its tendon (tenpura over rice), in which it uses only high quality fish and prawns from Tokyo Bay. The restaurant is popular, and doesn't offer reservations, so expect a...

Mihashi (Ueno) Food & Drinks Japan

Mihashi is a Japanese cafe and sweets shop known for its anmitsu. The shop also has other traditional sweets, such as awazenzai and inaka shiruko. Anmitsu is available for takeout.

Horaiya Food & Drinks Japan

Horaiya has been in business since 1912, and was the first restaurant in Japan to use pork fillet, rather than pork loin. The restaurant was a favorite of film director Yasujiro Ozu, and the dish...

Kamejyu Food & Drinks Japan

Kamejyu is a famous Tokyo sweet shop. They are famous for having the best dorayaki in Tokyo. They also sell matsukaze, kintsuba, mamemochi, and monaka.

Tsurujirou Food & Drinks Japan

If you seek delicious food at a rock-bottom price, look no further than Tsurujirou.  Okonomiyaki and teppanyaki of all types are offered, in addition to a fairly large selection of desserts....

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