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Stanley Main Beach Activities Hong Kong

Stanley Main Beach is one of two beaches located in Stanley. Stanley Main Beach is a short walk away from Stanley Market. This beach is popular among windsurfers and for people who enjoy water...

Dragon's Back Activities Hong Kong

Dragon's Back was chosen as the best urban hiking trail in Asia by TIME Asia in 2004.

If you enjoy hiking, Dragon's Back is definitely a hike you need to try. Start off near To Tei Wan...

Caritas Oswald Cheung International House Hotels & Lodging Hong Kong

Highly recommend this hotel for budget travllers !!

You get what you need in this hotel and it is clean, spacious and convenient.

It has bus stop nearby, great nice view from the...

South Bay Beach Activities Hong Kong

 A nice little getaway from the city where you can enjoy a nice beach, sun, and some good eateries

Facilities: Changing rooms, shower area, lifeguards and shark nets, Barbeque area,...

Stanley Market Activities Hong Kong

Here you can take a walk along the water front, buy some chinese souvenirs, and eat at some amazing restaurants.  

Repulse Bay Activities Hong Kong

A great destination to relax and unwind on the beach with an amazing backdrop!


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