Dim Sum

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Hong Kong Flower Lounge Food & Drinks United States

Hong Kong Flower Lounge Restaurant is proud to be part of the tradition of fine dining in the San Francisco Bay Area for 20 years. It is renowned for its sumptuous Dim Sum lunches and fresh...

MingHin Cuisine Food & Drinks United States

It is the best Chinese food I've ever tried in the United States and even China. The dim sum and seafood there are fresh and delicious. Parking can be a problem though. 

Jing Fong Food & Drinks United States

Jing Fong is located in the heart of Chinatown. Jing Fong is the place to go if you want quality Chinese Dim Sum in a Chinese setting. Although it gets very busy and crowded during the morning...

Macky's Dim Sum Food & Drinks United States

Macky's is the best for dim sum lovers to go to because they serve dim sum all day! They have a smaller variety than most big dim sum restaurants, but they have all the essentials of dim sum....

Dough Zone Dumpling House Food & Drinks United States

Dough Zong Dumpling House is located in Bellevue, WA next to the Crossroads Mall. It has a great selection of dumplings, ranging from pan fried to boiled, from beef to pork. You're able to choose...

Din Tai Fung Food & Drinks United States

Sit-down, Taiwanese / Shanghainese restaurant, also serving dim sum.

Tim Ho Wan Food & Drinks Hong Kong

I was excited for Tim Ho Wan when I heard it was the 1 star Michelin restaurant. However, the dim sum tasted good but not anything extraordinary. Maybe I kept my expectation too high. The ambience...

Tsui Hang Village Food & Drinks Hong Kong

Cantonese classic dishes.

This restaurant is well-known in Hong Kong, it serves great dim sum, seafood and other traditional cantonese dishes with innovated idea. It also serves best tea...

City Star restaurant Food & Drinks Taiwan

24 Hours Dim Sum Restaurant !!

Can you believe it ?! You can have dim sum at 3:00am in the morning !!

This place is located right next to a famous night club in Taipei, so you can...

Din Tai Fung Food & Drinks China

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