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Agni Food & Drinks Japan

A short walk away from Mito station, Agni serves Chinese food at an affordable price, alongside a wide selection of beers and wines. Come with the family, or with a group of friends, and enjoy a...

Tohkaiho Food & Drinks Japan

Though it's a little far from Mito station, and taking a bus or car is recommended, Tohkaiho is not to be missed. The restaurant features Japanese-style Chinese cuisine, and operates on a...

Hidakaya Food & Drinks Japan

Open late...Hidakaya is a low priced ramen shop with a fairly large side dish menu.

Zenshutoku (Shinjuku) Food & Drinks Japan

Zenshutoku (known as Quanjude in China) is a Chinese restaurant famous for its Peking Duck. It has locations in both Shinjuku and Ginza.

Jin Din Rou Food & Drinks Japan

Jin Din Rou specializes in xianlongbao (steamed pork buns with soup inside), but also serves a variety of Chinese and Taiwanese dishes. The restaurant is designed as a cafe to create a more casual...

Sichuan Dou Hua Food & Drinks Japan

This semi-fancy ramen place is pretty pricey and pretty good.   You will pay about 1500 yen at lunch, but you will be very satisfied.  There is the long spout pitcher of tea with...

Ka Sui En Food & Drinks Japan

Some very tasty Chinese/Taiwanese dishes here. Relatively cheap, dishes usually run around 700-900 yen, but there are plenty of dishes to choose from and all extremely tasty.

Ryuuhou Food & Drinks Japan

This shop's Cha-han(fried rice) dish is the best in the world!!

Xian Food & Drinks Japan

A small Chinese restaurant in the Ginza-area, where the atmosphere and the delicious food takes the guest to China for a dinnertime.

Heichinrou Food & Drinks Japan

 Heichinrou is the oldest Chain of Cantonese restaurants in Japan.  Its first location was established in Yokohama in 1884.  There are restaurants all over Japan as well as China.  It has a great...


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