Teppanyaki / Hibachi

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Featured Photo Rating Title Listing Type Country About
Feng Asian Bistro & Hibachi Food & Drinks United States
Sakura Tokyo Food & Drinks United States
Restaurant Omae XEX Food & Drinks Japan

Established in 1987, named "XEX Club House" at that time, and known as the first "members only" venue in Japan, XEX quickly become one of the most popular spot in Tokyo, crowded not only with...

Ichiban Japanese Steak House Food & Drinks United States

At this large restaurant, customers with kids can enjoy and receive a live entertainment and food directly from the hibachi chef. For a private section, folks can bring their dates to...

Sakura Japanese Steakhouse Food & Drinks United States

Though it's a chain, Sakura Japanese Steakhouse has a lot to offer in terms of food and entertainment. A teppanyaki/hibachi spot, the restaurant is a good event for parties or even dates. The...

Fuji Restaurant - Nikko Hotel Saigon Food & Drinks Viet Nam

It was a wonderful dining experience at Fuji restaurant, located inside Hotel Nikko Saigon. We sat at the teppanyaki bar and had a really good time. The food was top notched. I really loved the...

Keyakizaka Restaurant Food & Drinks Japan

Keyakizaka is an innovative Teppanyaki restaurant that features an array of market fresh seasonal meats, seafood, poultry and vegetables. Ingredients are prepared Teppanyaki-style, incorporating...

President Chibo Food & Drinks Japan

President Chibo is a teppanyaki restaurant that also serves okonomiyaki. The restaurant's fancy interior makes it a perfect location for a date. Chibo has multiple sites throughout Japan.

DAI Food & Drinks Japan

A delicious teppanyaki restaurant in Fukuoka. They specialize in having beef from SAGA prefecture, Kyushu which is a little known secret by outsiders. Everyone knows of Kobe beef, but this beef is...

Yasaiya Vege-dining Yuu Food & Drinks Japan

A restaurant that specializes in fresh organic vegatables cooked on a tenpan! Yummy!

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