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Kiyoyasutei Food & Drinks Japan

A cool Japanese decorated restaurant with a zen garden in the middle of the restaurant. They serve traditional Japanese dishes like udon, soba, grilled fish, etc.

Temari Japanese Cafe Food & Drinks United States

Temari Japanese Cafe is a hole-in-the-wall in the suburbs of Maryland. One of the only traditional Japanese restaurants in the area, Temari offers everything from takoyaki, onigiri, and kaki fry...

Habuya Okinawan Dining Food & Drinks United States

The restaurant is selected as the "Best Japanese restaurant in 2011" by LA Times as well as OC Weekly. It offers a great Okinawan atmosphere with owner-selected Okinawa music, arts, and designs....

Ootoya Food & Drinks Japan

Ootoya is a restaurant chain that serves up classic Japanese meals like chicken katsu donburi, udon, grilled fish dishes, sushi don, and more. The average meal runs less than 1000 yen so it's...

Kani Douraku Ginza Shop Food & Drinks Japan
Kohaku (Kagurazaka) Food & Drinks Japan

Kohaku is a Two Michelin Star kaiseki restaurant that uses nontraditional (French and Chinese) ingredients along with traditional. There are three courses to choose from, with the prices set at 13...

Kyoaji Food & Drinks Japan

Kyoaji is said to be one of the best restaurants in Tokyo, and it would be a Michelin Guide 3-star restaurant had it not turned down this reward. True to its name, Kyoaji, or “Taste of Kyoto...

Ichi Fuku Food & Drinks Japan
Kijima Food & Drinks Japan
Tokyo Shiba Tofuya Ukai Food & Drinks Japan

 Situated next to Tokyo Tower, relive the culture of Edo at one of Tokyo's popular new venues. Enjoy the exquisite taste of the tofu dishes while viewing the 71,000 square foot Japanese...


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