Ryokan (Japanese Style Hotel)

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Magoemon Hotels & Lodging Japan

Stay in a UNESCO World Heritage Site! Magoemon is one of several charming traditional inns located in Shirakawa-go. Shirakawa-go is famous for its centuries-old Japanese farmhouses, some of which...

Kyoto Traveler's Inn Hotels & Lodging Japan

An inn right in the heart of Kyoto. It has Japanese and Western style rooms, friendly and informative desk staff and a small cafe. it is a short walk from the Kyoto City Zoo, and the Philosophers...

Kumagai Ryokan Hotels & Lodging Japan

If you are looking for a more homey version of a traditional Japanese inn, look no further than Kumagai Ryokan. This cozy inn centrally located in Morioka has just eight tatami rooms, but most...

Hanayama Onsen Hotels & Lodging Japan

A traditional onsen (hot spring) hotel with the convenience of a city location, Hanayama Onsen is sure to offer a relaxing, traditional experience at a convenient location. Rooms are Japanese-...

Arcadia Village Hotels & Lodging Japan

Just a short trip from Hiroshima, yet offering unparalleled seclusion and relaxation, Arcadia Village offers one of the best Hot Spring experiences Hiroshima has to offer. Rooms, available in...

Benten-no-Yado Hotels & Lodging Japan

Located right near the small coastal town of Miyajima (on Miyajima, a beautiful, historic, tradition-steeped island), Benten-no-Yado offers a traditional ryokan experience in a beautifully senic...

Nanbuya Ryokan Hotels & Lodging Japan

Attached to the Asamushi Onsen in the beautiful Aomori City, the Nanbuya Ryokan offers a relaxing hot-spring getaway, complete with local dishes and delicacies, while still being located...

Yanagi-no-Yu Hotels & Lodging Japan

In the Asamushi Onsen district, Yanagi-no-Yu offers a private, intimate, and traditional place to relax and enjoy the best that Aomori has to offer. A traditional onsen inn, Yanagi-no-Yu offers...

Higaki Hotel Hotels & Lodging Japan

Located at the beautiful Miya Onsen in the beautiful coastal town of Gamagoori, the Higaki Hotel offers the ultimate seaside onsen experience. Rooms are traditional Japanese-style and offer views...

Mihoen Hotels & Lodging Japan

In a secluded area outside of Shizuoka City Proper, and offering beautiful biews of the iconic Mount Fuji, Mihoen is the perfect place for a senic getaway. Rooms are offered in both Japanese and...

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