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Four Seasons Food & Drinks United Kingdom

A delicious Chinese restaurant in China town with attractive prices. There is a lot to choose from when you go to China Town and it can be a bit daunting. But have no fear, YoNinja is here to...

HK Diner Food & Drinks United Kingdom

HK Diner is one of many Chinese (Cantonese) restaurants in China Town. But this place has excellent Chinese food and the staff are very friendly. They have a set course meal for 2 or more people...

Anan Food & Drinks Japan

Anan serves healthy dishes centered around tofu and chicken. The simple, dimly lit interior was gives the feeling of harmony.

Ohitsuzen Tanbo Food & Drinks Japan

Ohitsuzen Tanbo specializes in various rice-based dishes, and all the other ingredients are used only to enhance the rice's flavor. The restaurant also offers a variety of seasonal dishes.

Ramen Nagi Butao Food & Drinks Japan

Butao is a ramen shop located on the first floor of the Kaminito building, and is one of the many restaurants under the name "Nagi." Sake is available to drink.

Satoyama Café Food & Drinks Japan

Satoyama Café serves food fresh off the farm, grown without pesticides. The dishes are very affordable, so this café is a perfect place to stop for lunch.

Keika Ramen Food & Drinks Japan

Keika Ramen is located just in front of the east entrance to Shinjuku Station. The restaurant serves Kumamoto-style tonkotsu ramen with a very strong flavor. The restaurant has multiple locations...

Nanden Kanden Food & Drinks Japan

Nanden Kanden is a ramen shop located on the first floor of Yamaguchi Building.

Izakaya Ikkyu Shibuyaten Food & Drinks Japan

Ikkyu Shibuyaten is an izakaya located on the eighth floor of the Chitose assembly hall. With a member's card (about 300 yen), the drinks and dishes are about the cheapest any Tokyo izakaya...

Maruichi Bagel Food & Drinks Japan

Maruichi Bagel sells delicious New York-style bagels. Though the shop opens at eight, filled bagels (with cream cheese/etc.) are not sold until eleven. The shop will close early if everything...


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