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Naruto Taiyaki Honpo (Takadanobaba Store) Food & Drinks Japan

I worked at this taiyaki shop for almost a year. It has friendly staff and has gathered a large population of regulars that come to buy taiyaki every day. The prices are incredible and each...

Confeiaria Kurt Food & Drinks Brazil

A historical 60-year-old Brazilian bakery and confection shop known for offering more than 30 types of cakes and famous for its European style pastries.  Try the apricot pie or the Sting Bee!

Sweets Paradise Nagoya Food & Drinks Japan

Sweets Paradise is an all-you-can-eat cake and sweets shop located in Nagoya. Around 1500 yen per person buys you 80 minutes of unfettered access to a dessert extravaganza. There are savoury...

Patisserie Satsuki Food & Drinks Japan

Patisserie Satsuki uses only the best ingredients in its cakes, so they are all of top quality. Unfortunately, this means the cakes are also among the most expensive in Japan. These cakes also...

Au Bon Vieux Temps Food & Drinks Japan

Au Bon Vieux Temps is a sweets shop and café that sells classical style French cakes. The shop is very popular, and people often go out of their way to stop in and try the cakes.

Kyo Hayashiya Food & Drinks Japan

Kyo Hayashiya is a café that focuses on Kyoto tea and tea-based dishes. Some of these dishes include maccha shaved ice and maccha parfaits. The café also sells packaged desserts and...

Fujiya Food & Drinks Japan

Fujiya is a sweets shop that has locations all across Japan. The café sells cakes, frozen strawberry mochi, and various other sweets all at affordable prices.

Mihashi (Ueno) Food & Drinks Japan

Mihashi is a Japanese cafe and sweets shop known for its anmitsu. The shop also has other traditional sweets, such as awazenzai and inaka shiruko. Anmitsu is available for takeout.

Sweets Paradise: Shibuya Food & Drinks Japan

  Sweets Paradise is a popular all-you-can-eat sweets chain in Tokyo. The entrance fee gives you 90 minutes in which to indulge and over-indulge in the cakes, custards, ice creams and more...

Kamejyu Food & Drinks Japan

Kamejyu is a famous Tokyo sweet shop. They are famous for having the best dorayaki in Tokyo. They also sell matsukaze, kintsuba, mamemochi, and monaka.

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