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Masaru Food & Drinks Japan

Masaru is known for its tendon (tenpura over rice), in which it uses only high quality fish and prawns from Tokyo Bay. The restaurant is popular, and doesn't offer reservations, so expect a...

Soyoichi Food & Drinks Japan

Soyoichi is a yoshoku restaurant known for its beef katsu, which is said to be among the best in Tokyo. Another of the restaurant's popular dishes is pork saute. There are few seats, and the...

Nanden Kanden Food & Drinks Japan

Nanden Kanden is a ramen shop located on the first floor of Yamaguchi Building.

Satoyama Café Food & Drinks Japan

Satoyama Café serves food fresh off the farm, grown without pesticides. The dishes are very affordable, so this café is a perfect place to stop for lunch.

Dosanjin Food & Drinks Japan

Dosanjin is a soba shop located about eight minutes from Ikejiriouhashi station. The food is affordable and delicious, and perfect for lunch or dinner.

Takeuchi Seimensho Food & Drinks Japan

Takeuchi is a soba shop that also serves tempura, rice balls, and many other Japanese dishes. You can also buy packets of noodles to bring home and cook later.

Volks Food & Drinks Japan

Volks is an affordable steak restaurant that also has all-you-can-eat bread, salad, and soup bars. It has locations all throughout Japan, but not all of them have all-you-can-eat bars.

Iseya Food & Drinks Japan

Iseya is known for its yakitori, though it also offers many other dishes. Everything is sold at incredibly low prices, so it's a great restaurant for anyone looking for a cheap meal.

Fugetsu Food & Drinks Japan

Fugetsu is an okonomiyaki restaurant located on the eighth floor of the Yodobashi Akiba building. The restaurant also has many locations throughout Japan. There are non-smoking seats available all...

Jojoen Food & Drinks Japan

Jojoen is a yakiniku restaurant located on the eighth floor of the St. Louis building. The restaurant has an adult atmosphere, even though it caters to youth. A large private room is available,...

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