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ABARADAIKON Food & Drinks Japan

They use fresh fish carefully selected by the chef from the market. Enjoy sashimi made with freshly-caught fish.

The Hub (British Pub) Food & Drinks Japan

A great little chain of British pubs across Tokyo. The atmosphere is just like you're back in Queen's Country. There are football games playing on the televisions and English music...

Lalaport Activities Japan

LalaPort is one of the biggest shopping malls in Japan. It's a great place to shop with one of the largest foreign exchange currency exchanger.The mall houses both domestic and international...

DisneySea Activities Japan

DisneySea is basically an extension of DisneyLand. It has rollercoasters, Disney characters to take pictures with, and some attractions have English speakers as well. Disney Sea is a great place...

Shibayama Kofun and Haniwa Museum Activities Japan

Haniwa are clay figures that originated in Japan during the Kofun period. Meaning “old tomb”, Kofun productions resemble key-hole shaped burial masses. Haniwa, or “circles of clay,” were clay...

Hollywood Star Food & Drinks Japan

Hollywood Star provides delicious and affordable food in a glamorous setting, offering everything from a Camambert Pie to pizza. Open until 3 AM on weekdays (5 on Weekends), Hollywood Star is...

Lumbini Food & Drinks Japan

Located just minutes away from Chiba-Chuuou station, Lumbini serves authentic Indian food, with fresh vegetables and spices imported from India. Curries of all types are offered, with a special...

Le Temps Dor Food & Drinks Japan

A short walk away from Narita station, Le Temps Dor offers fine French cuisine in a refined atmosphere. The menu consists of a small number of set meals, deserts, and appetizers, as well as a...

Hoteiya Food & Drinks Japan

Near Chiba and Chuuou-Chiba stations, Hoteiya promises authentically-prepared Western cuisine of all types (though a French focus is definitely present). The food is uniformly delicious, and...

Ocean Table Food & Drinks Japan

Situated right on the edge of Chiba's central harbor, Ocean Table serves the freshest seafood, year-round, at prices for any party. Be sure to check out their seasonal special courses, and eat...


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