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Ebi Soba - Shop Chitose Food & Drinks Japan

Try this place for delicious Hokkaido ebi (Shrimp) ramen

Ebi Soba Ichigen Food & Drinks Japan

Delicious Ebi (shrimp) Ramen...a famous local Sapporo dish. Must try!

Soup Curry Lavi Food & Drinks Japan

This is a famous dish in Sapporo. It's Sapporo's version of curry, which is full of vegetables, potatoes, and meat. If you are visiting Sapporo, you should definitely try this local dish in...

Tomita Farm Activities Japan

If you have never seen flower sea, you should definitely go Tomita Farm and have a look of it. They have three different flower sea. The biggest one is inside the Farm. There is a building where...

Rokkatei Food & Drinks Japan

It is a sweet manufacturing company, which was established in Obihiro, Hokkaido in 1933. Since it changed its name into Rokkatei in 1977, it has been selling the popular cake called "marusei...

Mizu no Uta Hotels & Lodging Japan

This fine onsen resort is located by the Lake Shikotsu. It has a concept of "aqua healing," and offers excellent services. There are seven kinds of rooms: four of them include onsen bath...

Iwase Farm Food & Drinks Japan

Iwase Farm serves multiple kinds of food that were made from the local milk. Due to the environment that vast land of Hokkaido provides, the milk always tasts fresh and rich. The farm is...

The Ainu Museum Activities Japan


The Ainu Museum is an open air museum, which shows the culture and lifestyle of Ainu people. The Ainu is the indigenous people of Hokkaido. The museum is a replica village consisting...

Sapporo Snow Festival Activities Japan

Sapporo Snow Festival is an extremely popular winter festival in Japan, which is held in February. Sapporo-city has held snow festivals since 1950, and the festival remains one of the most major...

Farm Tomita Activities Japan

There are several things that make Hokkaido "special": seafood, farm products, winter sports, and so on. Lavender is definitely one of these "special" things. People come to...

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