Osteria Italiana

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An amazing Italian restaurant in the heart of Munich. This restaurant has a lot of history and has been a favorite for Italian food for quite some time. The food here is to die for! Don't expect to get German beer here...it's an Italian restaurant, so much sure to enjoy some very delicious Italian wine. 

Another interesting fact about this restaurant is that Hitler had a residence nearby and used to frequent this restaurant quite often as he thought the food was amazing. There is a lot of history at this restaurant, and you SHOULD NOT miss the chance to dine here while in Munich!



Price: Expensive
Website: http://osteria.de/
Contact Number: +49 (0)89 2720717
Features: Credit Card OK, English Speaking Staff
Occasion: Business, Date, Group
Hours of Operation:


Lunch - 12:00-14:30

Dinner - 18:30-23:00 

Restaurant is closed on Sundays

Listing Type: Food & Drinks - Italian


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Location Information:

Address: Schellingstraße 62
Area/City Name: Munich
Country: Germany

Closest Station: Schellingstrasse

Access Map:


User Comments:


This restaurant is amazing! The food, wine, and staff are impeccable! I went here with my wife and son and we had an such a wonderful time. The menu was completely in Italian so my wife did not really know what to order. Our waiter, how amazing! He basically created our order for us, and even put together stuff that was not on the menu. Basically I asked which entre between two items and he said for sure the Ravioli, so I went with that. My wife said she was in the mood for pasta and seafood and he said no problem. He also recommended two appetisers and a red wine for me. The MEAL was amazing, everything complemented each other.

But I have to say the biggest thing was the service. Our son, who is only 10 months old, is probably the best little guy ever. He is such a chill baby that we are lucky to bring him along when we go to these fantastic restaurants when we travel. We can't stand loud noisy babies when we are out to eat, so we wouldn't bring him along if we knew he would disturb others. BUT, I guess he had the start of a cold that we didn't know and he threw up during the middle of our meal. All over himself and my wife. It was sooo embarrassing. It seemed only the two diners sitting next to us and our waitors realized. My wife of course has a spare set of clothes for our little guy. She took him to the restroom to clean him up and change him. He of course gave out a cry and was upset. The staff would come by and try to make noises to cheer him up while we prepared his change of clothes. The staff even took back our appetizer to he kitchen to keep it warm. The entire time they just smiled and said no problem and it's okay. I can't express how great they made the experience. Even as we left we apologized to the diners sitting next to us and they just smiled and said no problem.

The staff really made the experience but I want to say how amazing the food was as well. We got out he door for around 110 euros for everything and we would definitely go back and HIGHLY recommend this place to all our friends!

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