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in 2011, Hiraizumi became a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Many felt this was long overdue. The site is brimming with history. Hiraizumi was built for the Hiraizumi-Fujiwaras in the Heian period, an era known for its rich depictions of royal court life. Chusonji is one of the buildings open to the public year round. It houses many national Buddhist treasures, painstakingly crafted with precious...

1,000 - 3,000 JPY
Dochuan Youth Hostel

Dochuan is advertised as a youth hostel, but it really is more like a Japanese inn. Rather than the usual bunkbeds and cramped showers, there are lovely tatami mat rooms complete with futons and a communal bathhouse style bathing area (separate for men and women). The rooms on each floor are also separated by men and women, so if traveling with someone of the opposite gender, you must stay in...

3,000 - 5,000 JPY

There are three famous "scenic spots" in Japan. Matsushima is one of them. While there certainly are plenty of other areas in Japan which are just as gorgeous, Matsushima sure can hold its own. Why is that? I'll let Matsuo Basho tell you what's up:

Matsushima ah!
A-ah, Matsushima, ah!
Matsushima, ah!

Those were his exact words when the famous poet first laid eyes upon...


Yamadera is a picturesque mountain landscape Temple. It is one of the most visited Buddhist sites in all of Japan by spiritual leaders and curious travelers alike. It's so beautiful that it may be tempting to take pictures at every turn! There are countless statues of monks and other Buddhist figures, including the famous poet Matsuo Basho. He wrote many poems about Yamadera, and there is even...

0 - 1,000 JPY

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