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Seibo Catholic Hospital

Hands down the BEST hospital I have ever been to in Japan. This hospital is a blessing and will make you feel like you are back home in the states at a reputable hospital with skilled doctors and modern medical equipment (you know...not the 100 yen shop flashlight that your clinic doctor used to check the back of your throat). 

This hospital is huge with lots of doctors and English...

Tokyo Chiropractic

A Chiropractic office where the doctors are trained and certified from the US.

Sports Center Hospital

The doctor at this physical therapy/sports therapy/chiropractic office is amazing. Hands down one of the best doctors in Japan that is a professional. He can feel your back and in about 20 seconds knows exactly where your pain is, how to fix it, and what daily bad habits you have that are causing it. It's amazing to see him in action.

Several of the top fighters/boxers in Japan come...

Hot Chiro Tamachi Chiropractic

There are three members on staff (Wakatabe, Suzuki, & Sei).
There are two plans:
1. "Total Support": Full body, 35-40 min. (¥5500)
2. "Hot Plan":        Troubled area(s), 15-20 min. (¥3500)

For first-time-patients: first session & registration fee= ¥1000!!!
Location: Tokuei Bldg.B1, 5-...

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