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Tokyo is a city that is like no other. One can find just about everything and I mean everything in this city. For tourist visiting Japan, there is no such thing as too much time for Tokyo. This mega city has so many things to offer that you will never run out of things to do. Watch the attached video to get an idea of what to expect in Tokyo.

Robot Restaurant

The bar has been raised once again! The new craze in Kabukicho is the Robot Restaurant. For 4000 yen, one can enjoy an hour long performance with dancers, robots, motorcycles and more. The only way to explain this show is it's Japanese hostess meets Tony Stark's long lost Japanese brother.

As you enter the 1st floor lounge you will feel you have entered another world. If you are...

3,000 - 5,000 JPY
Jangara Ramen

Nothing can beat Kyushu style ramen. Make sure to get their #1 popular combo which is basically every topping included. Throw a little spicy vegitable in there and some beni shoga and you are good to go. Also you gotta make sure to get the hanjuku tamago (half cooked egg) - amazing!

0 - 1,000 JPY

Shinjuku is one of the 23 wards of Tokyo, but the name commonly refers just to the large entertainment, business and shopping area around Shinjuku Station.

Handling more than two million passengers each day, Shinjuku Station is Japan's busiest railway station, served by six railway companies and about a dozen railway and subway lines, including the JR Yamanote Line.

West of the...

Yoyogi Park

Yoyogi Koen (Yoyogi Park) is one of Tokyo's largest city parks, featuring wide lawns, ponds and forested areas. It is a great place for jogging, picnicking and other outdoor activities.

Although Yoyogi Park has relatively few cherry trees compared to other sites in Tokyo, it makes a nice cherry blossom viewing spot in spring. Furthermore, it is known for its ginko tree forest, which...

Chidorigafuchi Blossom & Boating

Hundreds of cherry trees decorate the moats of former Edo Castle around Kitanomaru Park, creating one of Tokyo's most outstanding cherry blossom sights. Rowing boats are available for rent. Trees are lit up in the evenings. Many food stands can be found at nearby Yasukuni Shrine, where another one thousand cherry trees are planted.

Koenji Awadori Festival

This is a street parade that happens each year in Koenji where Awadori Dancers parade through a mile long course which runs through the city.

Ippudo Ebisu

Ippudo gained its reputation for great ramen when its founder, Shigemi Kawahara, won a Japanese TV ramen competition three times in a row. Now, Ippudo prepares the most famous Tonkotsu ramen in Japan. The price is low for the quality of the ramen served.

0 - 1,000 JPY

Delicious ramen chain in Japan

1,000 - 3,000 JPY
Uogashi Nihon Ichi AKA Standing Sushi

Standing Bar Sushi has some of the best sushi at the best prices! One piece starts at only 75yen for the standard salmon, squid, tuna, shrimp, etc. With other more premium sushi types starting at 110 and 150 yen a piece. Standing sushi bars can be found throughout the capital, but our favorite is the one in Shibuya! Perfect to grab a quick bite before heading out to the clubs and bars!

1,000 - 3,000 JPY

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