Robot Restaurant

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The bar has been raised once again! The new craze in Kabukicho is the Robot Restaurant. For 4000 yen, one can enjoy an hour long performance with dancers, robots, motorcycles and more. The only way to explain this show is it's Japanese hostess meets Tony Stark's long lost Japanese brother.

As you enter the 1st floor lounge you will feel you have entered another world. If you are familiar with Japan, you might feel like you are inside of a Japanese pachinko machine. There are lights and shiny surfaces everywhere throughout this building. The staircase that leads down to the main stage on B2 is a trippy journey of colors and video screens on the floor and ceiling. Once inside the main room, there is tier seating on both sides of the room with large video walls that run the length of the room. You will see the fem bots standing a good 4-5 meters tall towards the entrance of the room.

You are provided with a bento lunch and canned Asahi and Lemon Chu-hi is available for purchase for 350 yen. Yep, they went very classy for their food and beverages. We don't want to give too much away, but expect the show to absolutely blow your mind with crazyiness. Each act increases in colors, robots and performances. Between acts you will have a chance to grab more drinks, snap a photo with the characters and robots, and at one point, each guest is given an ipad to briefly watch a 5 minute video clip. Nothing makes sense, it's just sensory overload and Japan is the expert in the genre. Well worth the 4000 yen for the show. Be sure to go with a group of friends and have a few pre-game drinks to fully enjoy the show.


Average Cost: 3,000 - 5,000 JPY
Listing Type: Activities - Amusement Parks



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Location Information:

Address: 1-18-7 Kabukicho
City: Shinjuku
Prefecture: Tokyo
Country: Japan

Closest Station: Shinjuku
Neighborhood: Kabukicho

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Sounds like an exciting place to go.

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