Torikizoku (鳥貴族)

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A open and bright Izakaya. Friendly atmosphere, staffing are always super genki. The food is all 300yen but extremely tasty. Not your typical quality of food at your under 300yen per item izakaya. You will get hooked if you go!


Average Cost: 3,000 - 5,000 JPY
Contact Number: 03-5348-8580
Hours of Operation:

Varies. Call shop for details

Listing Type: Food & Drinks - Izakaya



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Location Information:

Address: 2-23-1 Shinjuku 2F
City: Shinjuku
Prefecture: Tokyo
Country: Japan

Closest Station: Okubo
Neighborhood: Takadanobaba

Access Map:


User Comments:


This is one of my favorite izakaya's in Japan. I have been to their locations in Tokyo as well as Osaka. I like to bring my friends that visit from outside Japan to eat here, because it is 1.) cheap, 2.) has a great atmosphere/provides a good izakaya experience, and 3.) is delicious!!


Love this place! It's my fallback restaurant because
1. They're everywhere,
2. They serve great beer and, my favorite girly drink, peach fizz
3. They mainly serve small plates that you share with a bunch of people, so it's wonderful if you're in a large group

Oh and, I've also seen them in Hirakata-shi, Osaka-shi, and Kourien *All in the Kansai region*


My all time favorite restaurant!!!

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