Ninja Points System Guide uses a point system which awards Ninja points to members that contribute to the site. Points are awarded when users contribute content, such as listings, videos, comments, and articles on Click on the "My Account" link in the top right corner of our website to go to your account page. On your account page, you will see a box on the right hand side, which displays your total current Ninja Points.

Earning Ninja Points, unlocks new levels of membership and the things you can do on For example, earn enough points and you will be eligible to become a "Super Ninja" or "Ninja Writer" user. Super Ninjas and Ninja Writers are users that are able to partake in the YoNinja Profit Sharing Program. You can read more about the program and how you will make money here.

​YoNinja and its sponsors, from time to time, will give away prizes to our monthly Ninja point leaders. These prizes will come in the form of gift vouchers/coupons, free admission to tourist destinations and more! When we start a new point campaign, we will post it on our front page, along with a real time scoreboard, showing the current point leader of the month! The member with the most points at the end of the month, will win that month's prize!!! 

So you might ask, "So how does one earn these Ninja Points?!?!"

Breakdown of how the points are awarded:


  • Write a travel article and receive 20 points! You must earn a set number of points before you qualify to participate in the Ninja Writer program. If you would like to become a Ninja Writer, you can apply today here!

  • Post a listing and receive 5 points!

  • Invite your friends to - You will earn 5 points for every person that registers on YoNinja through your invitation email! To invite friends, go to your My Account page and use the Invite a Friend link to send out your invitations!


  • Post comments/reviews on listings. It's that simple, search for a place you have visited on YoNinja and either post a simple comment or use your creative writing skills to write a detailed review. Either way, you earn 2 points!

  • Post our YoNinja affiliate link or banner on your website or blog and receive 1 point for EVERY visitor that clicks the link and comes through to our website. It's just another easy way to collect Ninja Points! Only Super Ninjas and Ninja Writer's qualify for this. If you haven't been promoted to one of these levels, just start by postings some listings, you will earn enough points before you know it! You can apply to have your user account upgraded by going here!

Adding listings can generate a lot of points, but so can posting comments/reviews. They can be short and sweet or long and informative, either way, you will rock out 2 more points to your account with each comment/review posted!

If you love writing and sharing your experiences with the world, rack up those points and become a Ninja Writer. Remember, once you qualify for a Super Ninja/Ninja Writer membership, you are able to participate in our Profit Sharing Program, which can mean some serious cash earning potential!

If you have any questions, feel free to email us using our contact page! Check frequently on our front page and your My Account page for any of our active point campaigns!


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