Hakone - A Perfect Tokyo Weekend Getaway

Hakone is home to many natural hotspring resorts and is only a 40-60 minute train ride from Tokyo. Online it's very easy to book a onsen hotel or even a minshuku (a Japanese style bed and breakfast). 

Several of the hotels along the Hakonetozan cable car specialize in onsen hotels. The area is called Gora. Due to it's mountainside location, it can be a bit difficult to reach, but well worth it. If you take the cable car to the top most station, you can then catch a ride on the Hakone ropeway, which will take you all the way down the mountain to the caldera, which is home to Lake Ashi. You also get to see some some of the active open hot springs on this volcanic mountain side. You will see steam coming out of the ground and on some days, the ropeway will even be closed down due to hazardous conditions (due to air toxins). 

Once down at the lake, you can easily catch one of the buses back to Odawara station or Hakone-Yumoto Station to catch the train back to Tokyo.

Hakone is perfect for a visit year-round and gives a very different experience due to Japanese distinct four seasons. 

Plan a trip to Hakone today!

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