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After living in Tokyo for many years, I have hosted a lot of people through this amazing city. Below is my top list of activities for Tokyo. It consists of restaurants, sightseeing destinations, bars, and other activities. If you can check off at least a quarter of these on your next Tokyo trip, you will have a very fun trip!

Diglight - Live music bar in baba

Shibuya - shopping/bars

Gyukaku restaurant

Torikizoku - izakaya

Hanshin tigers game at jingumae

Shinjuku - Chinese restaurant, batting cages, and bar hopping

Roppongi - Gonpachi, agave bar,

Standing sushi or sushi zanmai

Yoyogi/harajuku - weekend walk through park or check out the fairgrounds for a special event

Hanabi - summer firework festival

Hanami - cherry blossoms

Kana mara matsuri

Asakusa sanja matsuri

Koenji awadori festival

Kamakura - temple and shrine visits and beach or enoshima island

Niijima or shikine jima islands

Mt fuji visit

Hakone shrine in the woods visit

Ootoya - Japanese dennys

Zest cantina - ebisu

la boheme - eBisu/ginza

Chinese cafe 8

Tsukuji fish market


Inakaya - roppongi (very expensive though)

Decco  bocco - 500 yen pizza joint

Maru hachi - Japanese izakaya

En - izakaya

agave - tequila bar restaurant

okonomiyaki joint in the art building in harajuku

Pub cardinal - akasaka, marunochi, ginza

Tohokenbunroku (order by electronic menu and has English available)

Andy's  izakaya

kyomachi koishigure


Ramen - ippudo, jangara, ichiran,

Standing Sushi

Shanghai shotsu

Omoide yokocho - Memory street restaurants in Shinjuku


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