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Little Tokyo Los Angeles

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Little Tokyo is the area located at the downtown of Los Angeles in California.

Little Tokyo can be said as a japanese town, there are plenty of japanese restaurants, japanese stores and japanese style cafe.

The building, the decoration and the atmosphere in this area are exactly like japan.\

Besides having meal and buying stuff here, there are different festivals going at certain holidays. Check the website out to know the latest one and experience the japanese culture right in Los Angeles.


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Location Information:

Address: 100 Judge John Aiso St., Los Angeles, CA
Area/City Name: Los Angeles
District/State: California
Country: United States


Public Transportation

To find the route that is best for you, call 323-GO-METRO (323-466-3876) or use the Trip Planner on, the Web site of the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority.

Access Map:


User Comments:


There are delicious Japanese baked goods here.


Visited this place a couple yrs ago. Although it is a small Japanese-style town among skyscrapers, it was pretty famous historic district among the Asian communities along with a couple of Japanese restaurants. Don't miss it when you visit LA downtown.

When I was a kid, my Japanese mother would always take me here to enjoy Japanese sweets!

Great place!

This place is great! Especially if you are looking for a bit of Japanese culture in California!

The area is really small. Good place for food but not so much for hanging out.


Little Tokyo is nice but the neighborhood is not. There are few really interesting places in the town but as the name suggests, the town is very small. The eateries in Little Tokyo are pretty good but not good enough to go to this town just for food.


I have tried some restaurants in Little Tokyo and all of the restaurants I have tried are so great. The flavor and taste are exactly like what I have had in Japan. Love this area !!

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