Chinatown San Francisco

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An interesting attraction to explore in San Francisco. San Francisco Chinatown is the oldest one in Northern American and also the biggest one outside of Asia.

For the building itself, it may not be something very extraordinary architecture but it has subtly exotic atmosphere that is really hard to be created and to be copied. The Chinatown is based on the traditional chinese style mixes with western elements, the way they built the entrance of the Chinatown is exactly like the way they built the temple and once you walk in the chinatown you can see the western elements including the buildings and the sign.

It is an really interesting place where you can understand part of the chinese culture through walking around here, it also a great place for those people who are craving for a real chinese cuisine especially for cantonese restaurants.

Besides, you can get chinese medicines from some vendor like herbs, spices and traditional recipes. Chinese medicines are not going to hurt your body because they use things from the nature but it takes longer time to cure.


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Address: Grant Ave and Bush St San Francisco, CA 94101
Area/City Name: San Francisco
District/State: California
Country: United States

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The best china-town in california. It's not "ghetto", likeother (oakland/LA) chinatowns, and it's a well known tourist attraction. Also, a great place to buy AUTHENTIC & CHEAP chinese food - stray away from the main streets and you'll find food markets EVERYWHERE.


Lots of fun, whether you speak Chinese or not. Fun community to walk through and enjoy!


This is a great place for a visit, but not an ideal place to live. Just think of climbing up and down the slant narrow roads every day. But I love some of the Asian restaurants here!


China town is definitely an interesting place to visit. This town is nothing like any other city in the United States. As the description accurately states, it is the biggest China town in America. Thus it is certainly a must to visit this place if you are in the area. However, like other China towns, there are many streets filled with foul odor and garbage.

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