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"The American Shakespeare Center hosts an internationally acclaimed theatre company that performs Shakespeare's works under their original staging conditions -- on a simple stage, without elaborate sets, and with the audience sharing the same light as the actors. Home to the ASC's resident troupe and the ASC on Tour, the Blackfriars Playhouse has been established as one of America's premier Shakespeare destinations." --From the website.

If ever there was a place to enjoy a well-performed Shakespeare production, this is it! The Blackfriars Playhouse is a beautiful re-creation of Shakespeare's original indoor theater. The director and cast are wonderfully talented, giving you a real glimpse of how Shakespeare would have truly wanted his plays to be performed. The atmosphere is historical yet inviting, and before the show, actors play period-appropriate instruments to modern-day music, and serve drinks while interacting the the audience. The playhouse boasts of its thrust-stage, which literally puts some lucky audience members into the action of the play, where they get to interact and respond to the gestures and questions of the actors. You'll want to purchase your tickets ahead of time to make sure you get a seat (They may even ask you to come up to the seats on stage if there's extra room!)

If you have the time, take the tour of the theater, too! It's a real historical treat.


Price: Moderate
Contact Number: (540) 885-5588
Hours of Operation:

9:30-6:00 most weekdays
2:00-4:30 Sunday

Listing Type: Activities - Performing Arts



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Address: 10 S. Market Street
Area/City Name: Staunton
District/State: Virginia
Postal Code: 24401
Country: United States

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