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Robot Restaurant
The bar has been raised once again! The new craze in Kabukicho is the Robot Restaurant. For 4000 yen, one can enjoy an hour long performance with dancers, robots, motorcycles and more. The only way to explain this show is it's Japanese hostess meets Tony Stark's long lost Japanese brother. As you...
A mega club with more than 4 large dance areas and an outside bar and pool. The biggest club in Japan! There is a free shuttle bus that has a pickup point next to Shibuya station. Buses take people to and from the club all night long and arrive every 30 minutes. '
Hokkaido has hands down some of the best skiing and snowboarding in Japan! There are many travel packages available leaving from Tokyo and Osaka so if you are staying in Japan for a prolonged period, you should not miss out on the opporuntity to visit this area!
Club Camelot
While Camelot wants to court the well-heeled and more mature trendsetters, its dress code is never enforced, and the weekend crowd varies from scruffy young Shibuya kids to dressed-up businesspeople looking to wind down. The smaller of the two floors holds 300 and specialises in hip hop, R&B...
Black List Tokyo
Operating in Tokyo’s newest and most luxurious clubs, and delivering a deluxe vibe of the trendy French club scene, with the best international house music and Parisian flair, BlackList is infamous for being Tokyo’s premier “guest list only” event organization group. BlackList was established in...
A open and bright Izakaya. Friendly atmosphere, staffing are always super genki. The food is all 300yen but extremely tasty. Not your typical quality of food at your under 300yen per item izakaya. You will get hooked if you go!


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