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Mikura Jima (Dolphin Island)
Mikura Island, which is actually part of Tokyo is home to some 300 hundred wild dolphins which you can enjoy and swim with. There is little else to do on this island with dolphin swimming and hiking being the only main attractions. The island also does not have a beach, so there is really no sun...
A open and bright Izakaya. Friendly atmosphere, staffing are always super genki. The food is all 300yen but extremely tasty. Not your typical quality of food at your under 300yen per item izakaya. You will get hooked if you go!
Jade Market
Jade market is a must see destination for any visitor to HK. You can buy all types of jade jewelry amongst many other things. Walk these narrow streets and see what special gems you can find!
Black List Tokyo
Operating in Tokyo’s newest and most luxurious clubs, and delivering a deluxe vibe of the trendy French club scene, with the best international house music and Parisian flair, BlackList is infamous for being Tokyo’s premier “guest list only” event organization group. BlackList was established in...
Amigo Restaurant
a cozy yet luxurios place where  to enjoy French cuisine
Pizza East - Portobello
A delicious pizza restaurant near to Nottinghill.

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